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When I was little I always remember older people talking about how strange and weird our tv shows were. I remember defending my favorite shows to people who thought they were strange, too loud, too obnoxious.

Now I am not a purist or snob of any type. I like almost every genre of music, movies, and television, regardless of who/when/where it was made. But I will always have a soft spot for 90’s culture.

Growing up in the 90’s seems like a special thing to me now. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or maybe we truly were the last generation of kids who were brought up outside, playing games, using our imaginations.

And we had some GREAT television to go with it.

The revamp of 90’s shows on TeenNick has made me search for some of my favorite older shows.

I had forgotten how original, funny, and inspiring these shows could be.

Today you see a whole bunch of reality based, popularity contests on TV. Stupid people doing anything for their 15 minutes of fame (And yes Hannah Montana I’m talking to you!)  The last Nick Toon standing is Spongebob Squarepants, and even he has lost his luster from when he first started.

I would love to see my students and children nowadays to be inspired by the same type of show that I was raised on when I was little. Where kids thought for themselves, listened to reason, and thought outside the box.


Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking?

Nah, who can argue with the brilliance of Pete and Pete? Seriously!

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A short summation of the internal workings of my mind

For some reason, I continue to opt for honesty, despite mounting evidence that it’s inexorably transforming me into an old woman alone in a 1 room apartment filled with thirty year old newspapers and cats.  – Daria, Is It College Yet

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